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"Why does my bank statement have a charge for bluemousesafepay.com?" 

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Your account is displaying a charge from Bluemousesafepay because you have subscribed to VIP membership on one of its sites. 


“Why am I being charged?”

A failed payment attempt may mean that your bank has denied the transaction during their checks. Because our sites are classed as being of a sensitive nature, banks and payment providers will sometimes block any payments. Request from your bank that they authorise the payment to successfully upgrade. 

Upgrade your account within 'Membership' on the drop-down menu of the site. 

To cancel your membership and all future payments, visit the 'Membership' page of the site which you're a member of. 

As a VIP member you will get a lot more out of the site, including unrestricted message options, access to all media, unlimited photo uploads, private chat in the chatrooms, appearing high in search results and access to enhanced search features.

Cancel all further mobile billing you may be subscribed to by texting 'STOP' to 89595. 


Please be aware that all chargebacks are thoroughly investigated and may result in you being added to a blacklist with our processor. This will complicate future online purchases. Denying a purchase that you have made is a criminal offence and an investigation, leading to heavy fines or other legal action, could be made against you. False claims of fraud can also have a direct effect on your credit rating. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us to clarify any matters.

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“I am trying to pay. Why is my card being declined?”

“How can I pay for membership?”

“How do I cancel my subscription?”

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“What are the benefits of VIP Membership?”

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Online transactions can be subject to enhanced scrutiny. Please contact your bank and ask them to approve the transaction.

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